The magazine Forum, founded in 1946 by the Genootschap Architectura et Amicitia as a platform for architects and those practising the ‘applied arts’ was known as a mouthpiece for structuralists. It was generally believed to be because of the high quality of the graphic design. With the editors, Swip Stolk and I made a magazine that did not match the expectations of the world of architects in any way. No designers chatter, but relevant information for inhabitants and users of highly praised architecture. Together with Swip Stolk, we chose to design each issue completely differently, in the most extreme cases numbers ‘as file folders with all conceivable loose-leaf information’. As in other work from that time, we used images from our own living environment. The issue on the occasion of the exhibition De Straat (the Street), was composed entirely of stories and photos from the Bilderdijkstraat where I lived in my youth.