Daan Roosegaarde’s mask refers to his famous smart highway project. The Smart Highway is a project to develop interactive, sustainable and safe highways. The aim is to create motorways in which light, energy and signage automatically adapt to traffic conditions. The ice crystals are representative of this project. By applying the stars in black, they become not only the literal ways, but also the figurative ways of Daan’s mind. The free style of face painting makes him a contemporary warrior or guru, a shaman in 2014. Art, science and technology come closer together and the distances between autonomous and applied art become smaller in the work of Daan Roosegaarde. He shows a view of the world in which poetry, intimacy and technology come closer to people. He creates a bridge between past and future and a connection between technology and emotion. By means of a counter printing on the poster, we created a day and night experience that seamlessly matched his project.