Wanderlieder was an exhibition of murals made by artists on the spot. The subject: the new Europe feeling after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The past of this old continent is known, but what shall the future bring? The hand is green: the colour of change, creativity and rejuvenation. That green masks a red background. Red is the colour of emotion, but also the colour that has dominated Europe politically in the last 80 years. It speaks hope: something new will happen. The typography is just as uncertain as the future and shows the good intentions to achieve clarity. But not much of it figures. I also call this bike-shelter typography.
The exhibition Wanderlieder– which included work by Weiner, Kunc, Kabakov, Fabre, Combas, Gilbert & George and Clemente – was also accompanied by a folder which did not only include that poster with the life lines, but also a map and a special supplement to the Dutch weekly Vrij Nederland.